Working Man Creative | Upper Arm Lift – Cosmetic Surgery Procedure
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Upper Arm Lift – Cosmetic Surgery Procedure


Upper Arm Lift – Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

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Upper Arm Lift – Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

As the human body ages our skin becomes looser and less elastic, causing it to droop and sag. One of the most common places this effect of aging is seen is the upper arm. A growing number of men and women are having a procedure called brachioplasty performed to reverse this. Brachioplasty tightens and reforms the muscles of the upper arm into a more attractive shape.

This procedure starts with a small incision within the inside of the arm. The incision starts at the elbow and travels up to the armpit. The surgeon can then remove any excess skin. After the skin has been separated from the underlying tissue, the muscle is reshaped and reformed to better retain its shape. If needed, the doctor may choose to perform liposuction. The result will be a firmer and more attractively sculpted arm.

Depending on the procedure the recovery time from this operation can be somewhat of an extended process. If both arms are operated on, then the patient must have assistance during the first few days after the surgery. Both arms must be immobilized to ensure proper healing. The patient will also be required to wear an elastic support garment to compress and reinforce the new shape of the arm. This garment can generally be removed after about two weeks, but the area around the arm will still be bruised and swollen. This however, is completely normal. After about another week, the remaining staples and sutures will be removed. The final swelling should be completely gone after about two months.

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