Working Man Creative | The 10 most stylish fonts to download right now
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The 10 most stylish fonts to download right now


The 10 most stylish fonts to download right now

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Looking for a stylish font to take your design project up a notch? Perhaps you need to convince a client of a concept at pitch level; maybe the final execution needs a touch of typographic magic to communicate your message more effectively


Whatever stage of the creative process you’re at, if you’re looking for a stylish font – and Helvetica just isn’t cutting it – look no further. We’ve already got the 100 best free fonts for designers, now here are the 10 most stylish fonts to download right now…

01. Pluto

 stylish fonts
Pluto is an incredibly stylish font

Type designer Hannes von Döhren created Pluto, a friendly, informal family consisting of 32 stylish fonts. Perfect for display settings, Pluto also works well at small sizes thanks to its large x-height.

Pluto is also suitable for complex typographic use. The OpenType fonts have an extended character set to support Central and Eastern European as well as Western European languages.

You can download Pluto – and its straight companion Pluto Sans – from HVD Fonts for £25.99/font.

02. Tungsten

 stylish fonts
Add confidence to your designs with Tungsten

Compact and sporty, Tungsten is a flat-sided sans serif that oozes with confidence, without being pushy.

The modular letters give a nod to to sign painting, making Tungsten particularly popular with poster designers. The normal version is relatively condensed, while three additional weights take the font into even more compact territory. 

The family is available through the Hoefler&Co website.

03. Calluna

 stylish fonts
Calluna is a contemporary font that’s full of class

Famously a by-product of the design process leading to the release of Museo, Jos Buivenga’s stylish serif text font Calluna is a robust, clean and contemporary face that works equally well at large and small point sizes.

Packed with personally – thanks to Buivenga’s concept of “slab-serifs with a direction” – Calluna is as stylish as they come. Eight styles of Calluna are available on Font Spring from $21.95, or one font for free.

04. Idler