Working Man Creative | Successful Product Branding – What Does the Brand ‘Want’ to Be?
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Successful Product Branding – What Does the Brand ‘Want’ to Be?


Successful Product Branding – What Does the Brand ‘Want’ to Be?

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Successful product branding is a dicey game. With its winners being lauded endlessly and its losers scrambling to find work under different product umbrellas.

Here’s a VERY basic overview of successful product branding…

A new product is coming out. It’s a new toothbrush that bends backwards a particular way that no one toothbrush, until this one, has. It’s a big deal in the toothbrush community.

Resist the urge to snicker…niches are created to be protected whether it’s hand creams or salad dressings or a certain thread count undergarment.

Okay, as the launch approaches, the scramble at headquarters is on. How should the brand be positioned? Should it be the ‘scientific toothbrush’ or ‘the toothbrush that finally knows how to brush’ or perhaps even something like ‘not your father’s toothbrush.’

All of these brand positions are completely valid. And these and all of the other potential brand positions are then assembled, argued over, and then presented to the clients where a whole new set of fights begin.

But the clients are paying so guess who’s winning!

Again, this is a very basic view of what happens, but the next step is focus grouping the brand positions to see which ones ring most true to consumers. (This is where client ears OPEN in the biggest way. Because the clients who are bringing new products to market want to know EXACTLY what the public thinks.)

And every client, in their attempt to achieve successful product branding, will tend to listen more to the focus groups (because they are filled with ‘REAL’ people) than to their ad agency, their PR people, and their marketing companies.

Successful product branding is not, in any way shape or form, easy. And ultimately it is won by someone taking a very firm stand on hos the product ‘should’ be branded. This person will supposedly have listened to all sides of the product branding arms available to him or her will decide if it should be ‘not your father’s toothbrush’ or not.

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