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Learn Japanese with this phonetic font


Learn Japanese with this phonetic font

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Japanese phonetic font
You’ll love how this font translates the Japanese language

Learning a new language can be a challenge at the best of times, but the level of difficulty immediately ramps up when you have to get to grips with a new script as well.

This was the challenge faced by one of the UK’s top design studios, johnson banks. After multiple trips to Japan they still couldn’t read the language, so they created this unique typface that combines English language and Japanese script.


Out of the three typographic styles used in Japan, johnson banks settled on Katakana as the phonetic wordmark used to present foreign words (or at least, the uniquely Japanese pronunciation of said words).

By incorporating phonetic English sounds into Katakana shapes, johnson banks created Phonetikana, a readable hybrid for English speakers new to the language. Start reading Japanese right now with Phonetikana and the images below.

Japanese phonetic font
Phonetikana combines the English language and the Japanese script
Japanese phonetic fonts
Phonetikana is a great way to start reading Japanese script
Japanese phonetic fonts
Even animal sounds can be translated
Japanese phonetic fonts
With Phonetikana you can read whole sentences
Japanese phonetic fonts
Can you make out this saying?
Japanese phonetic fonts
The label helps give this word away
Japanese phonetic fonts
This super font was made by johnson banks

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Words: Dom Carter

Dom Carter is one of the staff writers at Creative Bloq.

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