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Choosing Learning Toys For Nursery School-Age Kids


Choosing Learning Toys For Nursery School-Age Kids

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If you are looking for learning toys for your nursery school age child there are more options than ever. This is true in both the number of toys you can get and the places you can find them. Not too long ago only specialty stores had a small selection of learning toys at a premium price. Today parents and other caretakers can find great learning toys in their local toy store, department store or even discount store. If shopping in the real world seems to overwhelming then be sure and hit the Internet. There are literally hundreds of online sites that are devoted to well priced and well-made learning toys. You can get detailed descriptions of the toys, make your selection and have them shipped right to your door. Last but not least be sure and check out second-hand kids stores as many people turn in for consignment higher priced learning toys that you can pick up for a few dollars. But no matter where you decide to shop here are some great learning toys for nursery school age kids that you should consider for your next toy purchase-

  • Shape sorters- While this kind of toy may seem overly simple it can help your toddler in a number of ways. Shape sorters can pack a big punch for language, speech, and fine motor skills. You can encourage fine motor skills with the shape sorter side and teach your child basic concepts such as “in” and “out” with the shapes. Many models of this toy come with different sides that have different activities that give so many ways to play.
  • A play telephone- One of the most important social skills to teach your nursery school age child is their telephone number. Having a play telephone can be a great way to do this. Children can practice dialing their number and some phones even have a function that allows for recorded messages. In addition this type of toy teaches better motor skills and encourages language development.
  • Collapsible tunnels and tents- These are easy to set up tunnels and tents that allow your child to exercise their gross motor development and when the fun is over they simply fold up and can be slipped into a closet or under a bed. Many types of this toy come with connecting tunnels and tents so that you can literally create a maze for your child inside your home. Language skills such as teaching children to listen and follow directions can also be encouraged through play with parents. Parents can encourage the child to follow single and two step directions then crawl through the tube as a reward (i.e. jump, then point to your nose, then GO!). This toy also encourages attention skills and early language concepts.
  • Interactive phonics games- Child development experts stress that it is never to early to introduce your toddler to letters and words. Today there is a wide variety of interactive phonics games that encourage the development of pre-reading skills. The letter magnets are placed into the console (which is designed specifically for little hands) and a battery powered voice guides the child through hearing the sound and identifying the letter. As the child progresses the magnets can be placed in a console to form basic words encouraging the child in pre-reading and phonics development.
  • A Feel and Find bag- This kind of toy is simple but sometimes the best toys are the simplest. Kids love the element of surprise with this toy. A simple bag holds a variety of items. Keep in mind that there are multiple ways to play with this toy. You can use it to encourage your children to name shapes; have your child reach in the bag and try to pick out the triangle (encourages sensory exploration); fine motor development occurs as the child pulls out pieces.
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