Working Man Creative | SEO Changes to Watch and Plan for in 2016
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SEO Changes to Watch and Plan for in 2016


SEO Changes to Watch and Plan for in 2016

2015 went down as the year when Google introduced the “mobile-friendly websites” concept. 

2015 SEO Recap: 2 Main Changes that Impact Your SEO, Content Strategy and Web Design Efforts

Early 2015, Google introduced a new algorithm that brought about several key changes including a call for websites to enhance their mobile friendliness (Responsive Web Design or RWD for short) to accommodate the rapidly growing mobile user segment. Later in October, Google released yet another algorithm that’s based on artificial intelligence. In this latest release, Google showed its determination to improve search results for its users (displaying information based on perceived user intent).

2016 SEO Overview

So, what do these changes by Google mean for your business come 2016? Well, it’s time to get a better understanding of your audience thus offering only what matters most to them. Besides, it’s also critical that you become more available to your audience when it matters the most. You should also focus on delivering content that’s more contextual and useful; consider getting an app and a mobile-responsive site — mobile is the way to go. With all eyes now set to see what 2016 unveils, here are our seven key trends we expect to take center stage this year.

1) Mobile optimization will finally overtake desktop optimization in terms of importance

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