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How to Measure SEO Effectiveness


How to Measure SEO Effectiveness

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Measuring SEO effectiveness is quite complicated because it deals with a lot of tools and measurements strategies. This is indeed a critical topic because many people are aiming to reach on top places in search engine by using effective SEO techniques; well of course, they significantly pay interest on how they will know that their SEO techniques are truly effective.

There are four ways to measure SEO effectiveness.

1. Indexation Metrics

Indexation is an important step to achieve presence in natural search results. If your site has been indexed, it would not rank in the search engines. More indexation on your site is not good because it will not rank when it has duplicate competitors, not knowing that you are just competing on your own site. This is concern is known as self-competition or split-link popularity.

Indexation Metrics will determine if all of your web pages have been correctly indentified by search engine. This is done by measuring your site’s indexation through site queries in the major search engines. The queries will measure how many URL are indexed in search engines. After knowing the number of queries, compare it with the number of pages that should appear.

2. Backlinks Metrics

These backlink metrics would show how many external links that point your site. The more external links that are pointing to your site, greater chances that your site will rank on search engines. So it is much better to have many external links that are pointing to your site. Backlinks can be by a lot of ways, such as blog posting, article writing, and many more SEO strategies. You just have to place the URL of your site on each posting that you have.

3. Ranking Metrics

Rankings metrics will present where your site appears when your keywords or key phrases are searched. When you subscribe to Enquisite, it can track the page on which there are rankings when your keywords are searched.

4. Traffic and Revenue Metrics

You will be able to know what are the keywords used to find your site on search engine, the revenue generated per keyword, the percentage of visitor that availed your products, and many more.

All these metrics will help you determine if your SEO techniques are effective. However, these metrics does not show exact numbers or values that are said to be correct. These are offered in order for you to monitor your ranking status and to know the changes happening on your site while you are using your SEO techniques.

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