Working Man Creative | Discover how these adorable Google stickers were created
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Discover how these adorable Google stickers were created


Discover how these adorable Google stickers were created

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Google messanger stickers
A range of animated sticker designs for the Messanger app

At the start of 2015, London-based illustrator Robin Davey was approached by a Google producer to design and animate a set of stickers for their new Messenger app. Having previously worked on projects for Google, Davey thought he’d be a good fit but not being a big user of emojis, the illustrator had plenty of research to do.

“Their brief was fairly open, the only real stipulations were that the stickers should be character focused, engaging and read clearly at the small sizes entailed by phone screens,” he explains. “There was also a list of the 20 core emotions/expressions that the set should communicate: happy, sad, angry, thankful and so on.”

Google messanger stickers
Robin Davey had never used – or come across – emoji’s before working on the project

Davey began exploring different designs, with a sheet of around 14 choices which he presented to Google. “Their response was really positive,” he enthuses. “They came back with the idea of utilising an expanded cast of characters. They also identified that the designs fell broadly in to two categories, animals and food, and even found extra budget to commission a set of each.”

Google messanger stickers
Google expanded the budget to feature two sticker sets – animals and food

Tackling the animals first, the illustrator sent completed animations in batches and tweaked each one based on feedback from Google. During the process, the characters evolved a little bit, which Davey believes makes the outcome all-the-more successful.

“The year before I’d worked as a designer on Studio AKA’s amazing preschool series Hey Duggee, and I think a bit of that influence definitely crept in there!” he says. “Once the animals were complete I moved on to the food set, but I wanted to avoid merely repeating the same actions with different characters.

Google messanger stickers
Davey says the overall feel of the sticker designs changed as he worked on them

“One solution I came up with (and which Google readily agreed to) was to use pairings of characters in a single sticker, which created a fun sense of the relationships between them. I also introduced more props for added variety.”

Looking back on the project, Davey says it was one of his most enjoyable jobs to date. Even with a client as big as Google, their open and collaborative approach allowed him and his work to flourish.

google stickers
Posting the designs on twitter and tumblr, Davey says the response has been wonderful

“I haven’t actually seen the stickers in context yet as I don’t have an android device!” he laughs. “I have posted some as gifs on tumblr and twitter and the response has been great and that’s always really gratifying.” See more of the Google Messanger stickers and a range of Davey’s work over on his tumblr.

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Words: Sammy Maine

Sammy Maine is deputy commissioning editor at Creative Bloq.

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