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Different Brand Strategies – Market Recognition on Speed Dial


Different Brand Strategies – Market Recognition on Speed Dial

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Communications — a Different Brand Strategy should be easy to create, but is it? While the less vigorous world stumbles over marketing ploys and tools, a well defined and branded marketer simply spews his favorite words. Capturing your market isn’t difficult. People do it all the time with catch phrases.

Ford Tough, Pro-Life, Conservative — represent a kind of brand, not always the same kind of brand, but when each of those phrases/words are spewed out, people have an instant response or comprehension of the concept behind them. They know the targeted audience, and who’s selling what.

Breaking the Brand STOP means you’ve got to step out of the tried and true mold and do something different. Try communicating. Live on the edge. Pick up the phone, send an email. Include your Brand Strategy in your communicae. So, the concept here is functional branding. It’s got to show up EVERY TIME just like the number on your phone.

Speed Dial —

Real money and warp speed. You know, if you’re over twenty-five, you definitely remember that even though the phrase was NEVER used in the series, there was no secret you were a Trekky if you uttered the phrase “Beam me up, Scotty” at an odd moment in any given conversation. In fact, we said “Beam me up, Scotty” instead of “whatever”.

The secret to having a good quality brand that guarantees you brand recognition is finding a simple phrase that means something special to everyone who hears it. There are so many options, but only one that will make your business unforgettable. Search your business for that one phrase you can use over and over again, even on speed dial to make your brand recognizable and totally unforgettable.

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