Working Man Creative | 5 beautiful paper portfolios to inspire you
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5 beautiful paper portfolios to inspire you


5 beautiful paper portfolios to inspire you

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Sadly, paper portfolios appear to be a bit of a rarity these days. But, thankfully, there are many designers who still recognise the power of print. Done properly, a handheld, printed portfolio can really make your work stand out and leave a long lasting impression.


Therefore, we scoured the web to find some brilliant examples of paper portfolios. Here are our five favourites…

01. ALU

Italian graphic design studio Happycentro created this beautiful handheld portfolio for ALU

Italian graphic design studio Happycentro was behind this beautiful, handcrafted portfolio for modular merchandising systems company ALU. “All their products are mainly made in basic materials like aluminum,” comments the team. “We then took inspiration from the material soul of these elements to develop ALU’s ID. Starting from this basis, we chose to tell the brand through a series of keywords explaining their values.”

The result was this gorgeous book containing illustrations and typography made with paper cuttings. Other pages feature photos, original sketches and moodboards, with a red thread connecting the identity and products through the entire project.

Intricate paper cuttings feature on many pages in this paper portfolio for ALU

Red thread runs throughout the portfolio, connecting the identity and products

02. Nathan Hinz

Nathan Hinz’s paper portfolio features window envelopes on each page

US-based graphic designer Nathan Hinz developed this beautiful, handheld portfolio back in the days before everybody went online. Each page is a window envelope, which displays an image and info of a project.

Hinz comments on Behance: “It allowed for a quick overview and served as a rich presentation in one book. It’s completely handmade, mostly with found materials, my favorite being the spine made from orange duct tape I have never been able to re-find, sadly.”

Hinz created this beautiful design out of found materials

The designer carefully selected his best work and crafted it into these display envelopes

03. Dyla Rosli

Dyla Rosli developed this infographic paper portfolio to assist in her search for work

Dyla Rosli is an intern graphic designer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In order to assist in her search for work, she developed this cool paper, infographic portfolio.

Using matt laminated art paper, Rosli selected her best work and carefully placed images of each into this template, along with illustrations detailing her skills and personal information.

The intern graphic designer carefully selected images of her best work to go into her paper portfolio

Rosil’s design folds up neatly into this small CD cover size

04. Emil Kozole

Designer Emil Kozole created this clever printed portfolio to support his CD of work

Working in both print and digital formats, designer Emil Kozole created this printed presentation to support the CD with his work on. Knowing that many discs are overlooked, Kozole made sure the print part of his portfolio stood out.

Covering different areas of expertise, the designer divided the page into different categories and then, using transportation systems as inspiration, illustrated the cover with different coloured lines, with projects being each stop. If lines meet, it means projects fall into more than one category. On the reverse, each project has a photo and description.

Transportation systems provided the inspiration for the cover of Kozole’s print portfolio

Emil Kozole’s paper portfolio featured a transport system design on one side and project images and details on the other side

05. Another day

This 227-page portfolio features a selection of work from designer Yorick de Vries over a seven-year period

Another day is the graphic design studio of Yorick de Vries. Last year, de Vries created this colourful paper portfolio featuring a selection of his best projects from 2005 to 2012. Printed on three different paper stocks, the book is made up of three parts.

The first features just information, the second showcases project images and the final section covering examples of the designer’s custom made typefaces. More like a catalogue than a book, this gorgeous, handbound portfolio is 227 pages of full colour prints. Awesome.

The book is divided into three sections; information, images and type design

The last section of designer Yorick de Vries portfolio features examples of his custom made typefaces

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Have you seen any awesome examples of paper portfolios? Let us know in the comments box below…

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